Friday, January 15, 2010

Panic on the streets of Boston

As desperation in Massachusett(e)s mounts, the Democrats have unleashed a series of 30-second radio spots to derail the momentum that appears to be behind Scott Brown, the Republican candidate for the dead Kennedy seat. Here’s just one of them:

"No Truckin' Way"

Say, I really like Scott Brown's pickup truck. It's wicked pissah!

Sure, Ted. If you like lynchings.

Whaddaya mean?

Just look at the record, Ted. From James Byrd to Matthew Shepard to the last scene in Easy Rider, pickup trucks are the official vehicles of Southern Republican lynch mobs. So are you still voting for Scott Brown?

No truckin' way!

Obviously, we are not clever enough to come up with that. Iowahawk has more here. The man is a genius.

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Harrison said...

Ironic considering the Ford F150 is the best selling vehicle in the WORLD.