Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poll Question

New poll question which can be found in the upper right hand margin of the page.

We hesitated going with this poll but after it was revealed that the New York Fed, while being headed by the now Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, told the money-laundering service, AIG, to keep quiet about to which financial institutions AIG was funneling its TARP money, we figured, screw it - let’s roll.

Poll question: Who’s the biggest hack in the Obama administration?

We don’t want to influence the voting, but for the sake of discussion, we don’t think it’s either Rahmbo or Axelrod. You are certainly welcome to disagree. We give these two credit for never trying to sell themselves as something they are not. Emanuel is an unapologetic, bare-knuckles, Chicago-way pol. He is who he is and we have a grudging degree of respect for that. Same for Axelrod: In our eyes at least, he has never tried to fashion himself as anything other than the absolute sleaze merchant he is. Again, with the sliding scale to which you have to hold this gang, that is to be commended.

We certainly invite write-ins in the comment section because we realize this list is by no means a comprehensive one with respect to potential candidates. Here are your choices listed in alphabetical order:

David Axelrod - Senior advisor to the President

Rahm Emanuel - White House Chief of Staff

Timothy Geithner - Secretary of the Department of Treasury

Eric Holder - Attorney General

Valerie Jarrett - special advisor to the President


Harrison said...


Anonymous said...

I couldn't decide between Obama, Biden, and Napolitano

Dean said...

I see the President has secured himself a little "hack" fan club, thus far.

Road Dawg said...

Gotta go with Napolitano after the crotch bomber comments.