Friday, January 29, 2010

Some random thoughts that may or may not be tangential to the State of the Union speech a couple nights back.

In bemoaning the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down portions of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law, the liberal-Left and even some on the right have claimed the floodgates of money from corporations will overwhelm the body politic threatening American democracy itself. Funny how this fear of evil corporations is never, in the breathless rhetoric, extended to the unions of Big Labor to which the Supreme Court decision also applies.

Also, we all would scream bloody murder if Cogress ever tried to put speech restrictions on newspapers, and rightly so, but is not, say, the New York Times a corporation? Leaving the parsing of who can say what and when up to Congress would not be a favorable development for freedom and liberty in this country.

B-Daddy wonders just how much of a Constitutional scholar one can be if said scholar vows to get laws passed to get around laws that… just got smacked down by the Supreme Court. Read more, here.

Said scholar, himself, eschewed public financing of his campaign to go swimming in oceans upon oceans of cold hard campaign cashe.


More Cowbell?

Trust us, the irony that Obama’s supporters (including Obama, himself) who believe that one of his greatest traits is his oratory and communication skills, think that the reason Obama’s policies have not gained traction with the general public is because Obama has not been able to adequately articulate his positions is not lost on us.
(H/T: The Corner)

And finally this:

(H/T: KT)

You’re kidding. This has got to be photoshopped, right? The teleprompter at the kickoff meeting for the Middle Class Task Force? But enough about the teleprompter how about that Task Force, huh? Retarded or condescending? You’re call. These people have proven thus far they don’t posses the collective wherewithal to fix a flat tire and now they convene a Middle Class Task Force? Guys, you’ve done quite enough already. Seriously. It’s OK, just leave us alone.


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Harrison said...

Calling out the Supreme Court the way Obama did during his speech was tasteless.

Also, you have some SPAM here.

Road Dawg said...

The bloody solicitors have invaded my favorite blog.

B-Daddy said...

A belated thanks for the link. I have been deleting Mr. Anonymous above from some of my posts, but dang, he is funny, Good day, sun shines indeed.