Thursday, January 14, 2010


Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton was on Fox News a couple of nights ago and when asked by Greta what we could expect from the U.N. in way of relief efforts in Haiti, he barely contained a sniff and said that, in reality, “U.S.-based efforts” would be on the scene quicker and with more effect.

If that is indeed the case, in the words of “Nuke” LaLoosh, let’s “announce our presence with authority!”

So, we’re sure you all have your bags packed, passports in order and possessing of a heart of a servant before making your way down to Haiti, right? What? You can’t make it? Well, that’s a shame.

Short of that, maybe we can do something to assist some people who have devoted their lives to this planet’s less fortunate and for circumstances such as this. Link here to the Salvation Army’s website and who have maintained a presence in Haiti since 1950 and give as the spirit moves you.

Exit question: Would it be possible to send Pat Robertson down to Haiti and leave him there?


Harrison said...

I heard some of them might go to Gitmo.

paull12 said...

While I am saddened by the conditions in Haiti and the death of so many people, I find it hard to want to contribute funds to Haiti when, since 1992, we have poured in over $3 billion in aid and Haiti is worse now then in 1992. What good does it do to send them money when the basic conditions under which they live and work do not change. There is no, or very little, central government, there is gang rule in the streets, there is no way to insure the money I send, should I choose to do so, will get to the people who need it and even if it does, it will only offer temporary relief as life will return to the way it was, and has been for many years, once that money is spent, with no upgrade in living or working conditions. So why should I send money??????
P.S. the same applies to the working and living conditions in the 9th Ward of New Orleans: where did all the money go and how did it improve the living conditions of those who live there post Katrina??