Friday, January 8, 2010

Radio KBwD is on the Air

Growing up in the L.A. area in the 80s we were big fans of a Sunday evening radio program on 95.5 KLOS called The Seventh Day where they would play seven albums in their entirety with commercial breaks only when they needed to flip over or change the vinyl.

The host, “Uncle Joe” Benson would give some background information and narrative on the album and the band that made it adding his own commentary on whether or not he felt the album or the band was any good.

Anyway, the following song was representative of what “Uncle Joe” described as “moving away from ‘tonal experimentation’ and developing into more traditional song-writing.” Dude, step away from the bong.

We had no idea what that burned-out FM hippie was talking about but we enjoyed his show. Doggone if it didn't seem he would play Eat a Peach every other month, though.

Ladies and Gentleman, from England and off one of the most underrated albums of all-time, Ghost in the Machine, it’s the Police performing “Rehumanize Yourself”

And as we grew older (and completely drug-free), we started to understand what “Uncle Joe” was talking about. For some of that “tonal experimentation” go here.


Harrison said...

You know what those symbols are, right?

Harrison said...

Harry Reid would love that tonal song... it stands for White Reggae.

Dean said...

No clue.

Harrison said...

They are the three members of the Police. Sting is the center one!