Thursday, September 2, 2010

Of pickles, Glen Beck, God and bagpipes

We found out this past week that the Von's grocery market where we shop no longer carries Clausen dill pickles. This is the sort of news that can send one into a downward tailspin for days. In order to avert this fate, check out B-Daddy's excellent post regarding Glen Beck's Restoring Honor rally, here.

His calls for piety and invocation of Judeo-Christian values undermine the premises of the left's political argument which goes something like this. "The world is very complicated, and the average person can't understand it all. In order to improve the lives of all citizens only smart and expert people can properly order society; leaving to the free choice of individuals is too messy, unpredictable and ultimately will result in societal failure. Elect us and we will invoke scientific principles to establish an earthly utopia." Sound familiar?

B-Daddy contends that though it was prima facie, an apolitical event, it was, just the same, very much a political one.

We contend that is was more of a cultural event that reflected the growing discontent and disillusionment Americans have with the people who are at the levers of power in our man-made institutions and the implicit recognition that We the People are ultimately responsible for the fate of our Republic. And because the system is rigged with respect to gerry-mandered districting and campaign finance laws that tilt the playing field toward the incumbent, the cleansing of these institutions that are the framework of this Republic will first require a self-cleansing and then a super-human effort fueled by divine inspiration.

For those conserva-libertarian non-believers that may have been put off by the overtly religious nature of the event, keep this in mind: All of us over here on this side of the aisle believe that, at the end of the day, whether by God or just the natural order of being, we are sentient individuals possessing the absolute capabilities of thinking and acting completely on our own and that we are charged with forging our own destiny holding to the belief of the primacy of the individual over that of the collective. We receive direction from no person, group nor government without our consent.

Side note: And why would it be beyond the realm of possibility for a God-fearing liberal to attend Beck's event? As we've stated many times before in this blog, why wouldn't a good-government liberal, were he being perfectly honest with himself, be appalled at the shocking lack of transparency and atrocious display of unethical behavior borne of condescension and a sense of entitlement in the elected and bureaucratic ruling class? Are not goo-goo liberals our brothers out here in the Country class, as well?

We leave you with this from the rally (via What Make Us Right).


Michael Baugh said...

Chills, thanks man!

SarahB said...

As a conserva-not-quite-Christian, I was in no way offended by Beck's event. Confused ahead of time as to what it was going to be...but delighted with the outcome. If Judeo-Christians (and others) can rally to the call of a Mormon and focus on the common thread that binds us all, then the idea that we can all work together to preserve and uplift Western civilization is tangible.

Road Dawg said...

There was so much going for this, and so much smack subsequent. Still getting the "all white attendence" press!

Bagpipes.... like a call to arms.

B-Daddy said...

Thanks for linking and quoting. Restoring our common and shared vision is very important in overthrowing the ruling class and their commitment to a tyranny over our lives.