Friday, October 8, 2010

And where a Bob Filner (D-CA) staffer appears rather confused about this nation's borders

Via Leslie at Temple of Mut on some developments regarding a south bay district just south of San Diego.

“Citizens of CA 51st Congressional District are picketing in front of Congressman Filner’s office every Thursday until Congressman Filner agrees to locally debate his opponent, Nick Popaditch. Debates are an important way to inform the public on the differences of candidate’s opinions and their position on issues that are important to voters. We feel that out of respect for our American democracy, candidates owe it to voters to hold honest and open debates so we can make an informed vote for what we feel is best for the future of our nation.

“Repeated requests for debates to Mr. Filner’s office have been answered by staff with nothing scheduled. Mr. Popaditch has accepted the people’s request and is waiting for Mr. Filner to accept a debate invitation.”

The second of two confrontations with a Filner staffer is captured here.

Please go to the link for more details and how you can help put some people out of politics and into the geography class room.


Rich said...

When I captured the Video, the most damning part was missed, he said that California belongs to mexico.
for more info on our fight, go to:

Dean said...

Rich, nice work. Though I'm up north here in CA-52, I will try to make it down there on a Thursday to lend a hand.