Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sarah sez

One in a series that takes a look at some of the zany and madcap things said by Sarah Palin.

David Brody [Interviewer]: Can you think of a greatest living American?

Palin: I’m glad I had the opportunity to know Ted Kennedy. Whether you agreed with him or not, what a life he lead with his two brothers being assassinated, his other brother being killed in World War II. And Robert Byrd who just died. What a– he was in the Congress of the United States for more than 25 percent of the time that we have been a country. That’s fairly remarkable.

Unfortunately, this interview was done back in July and both Byrd, the ex-Clansmen and the drunk manslaughtering, Kennedy were still both dead. And even more unfortunately, that was not Palin responding to the question but rather the current Senate majority leader, Harry Reid.

Dead or alive, that this doddering old fool would think either one of those two people as "greatest" Americans is proof that it's time to show Harry the door.

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Anonymous said...

Chatted with PA (Physicians Asstistant) that I know. He said that they expect the PA's to take over most of the family practice in the next 10 years. Dad