Wednesday, October 6, 2010

County Road 59 and a naming contest

After traveling through the high desert farming region of the Hopi Nation Reservation in northeast Arizona, we needed to get back to Kayenta, AZ, the gateway to Monument Valley. There was an unmarked road on our Rand-McNally Atlas off of U.S. 191 that turned out to be County Road 59 and it did not disappoint.

And now for our naming contest...

these dudes showed up about half-way through our trek from Many Farms to Kayenta.

Our working title so-to-speak will be "Grumpy Norsemen" but we will submit any and all worthy submissions to the Navajo County fathers for their consideration.

P.S. If photos of the Norsemen and other formations are a bit sketchy that owes to them being taken on the fly from the hoopdie.

Battling with a semi and an RV for lead dog position on a remote and undulating single-lane highway was not to be sacrificed by stopping and getting out to take the pictures.

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Road Dawg said...

Wow, great shot of the Norseman in the center. Very cool!