Monday, October 4, 2010

The Front Range and the Western Slope belong to this guy (UPDATED!)

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Up over the Rockies we couldn't pull in much on the radio. Both ESPN Radio and Rush were fading in and out and/or were too full of static too tolerate but something called Progressive Radio out of Boulder (natch) was coming in loud and clear.

We needed only to listen to Ed Schultz's program (of which Dennis Miller claims is broadcast from Teddy Roosevelt's nostril in South Dakota) for 5 minutes to be informed of the following:

"Righties are stupid"

Nothing like insulting those who might just be dropping by out of courtesy or lack of other audible options on the dial.

"The Right Wing wants to destroy public education"

We'll settle for "reform" but ol' Ed didn't get the memo from the President about campaigning on fear.

"The Democrats will keep both the House and the Senate"

They can have the Senate - we just want a solid filibuster-utilizing minority there. Not the party of "No", the party of "Hell No".

And delusions of holding onto the House aside, he seemed to base this upon "the energy" he felt at that sparsely attended astro-turfed, lefty-palooza "One Nation Working Together" at which he was a speaker.

But the best was an exchange he had with a union longshoreman from the Philly area who claimed he was about to be out of a job because Del Monte was going open shop.

During the exchange while the caller was laying out the story about Del Monte and negotiations with the unions, Schultz interrupted, saying, "OK, now who is this Steve Dore guy?"

Caller: "That would be stevedore"

Clueless Ed: "What's that?"

Caller: "Those are the guys that do the loading and unloading of trucks and ships."

Stupendously Clueless Ed: "Oh."

Steve Freaking Dore

May Gaia strike us down right here in Fruita, CO if that exchange did not go down.

Ed Schultz, man of the working man and unions and public education and probably a bunch of other stuff if you asked him, could not even identify or recognize one of the most heavily unionized professions on the face of the planet.

As we said, all that in 5 minutes. And with that, it took only that amount of time to figure out why it is that lib-talk never quite caught on here in America: their most prominent hosts are about as sharp as a bag of wet mice.

Steve Dore.... Steve Dore!

P.S. We were able to pick up an oldies station for a brief while which was playing the following song and which serves as a constant reminder that no matter how much of a nit-wit one may be (and you know which one we are talking about), they may have also been making some great music back in the day.

(UPDATE #1): Hate to break up this stroll down Carnaby Street but we found some footage of Stupendously Clueless Ed at the non-partisan event this past weekend at the Mall in D.C. being non-partisan by giving this totally non-partisan speech.

"...fight the forces of evil in this country... the conservatives of this country.."

That's right... evil. Now, embrace your dark side, America.


Road Dawg said...

Makes you glad for CD's. There was a spot where Stephanie Miller came in loud and clear...back to my CD collection.

B-Daddy said...

Too funny. You see these guys on TV and think, they've got to be mocked, then BwD posts and I'm laughing out loud.

K T Cat said...

Good old Steve Dore. Who could forget him?