Thursday, October 21, 2010

The civil rights organization that time flew right by

There is, however, a serious issue represented by this report. We have come to a moment in our national development when identity based organizations like the NAACP have a strong vested interest in impeding progress, especially for the groups they purport to represent. If things get better for black people, the NAACP has no reason for being — or must devolve into some kind of social club.

Now of course things aren’t perfect for African-Americans, far from it, but the NAACP is part of the problem, not part of the solution (to quote, ironically, from Huey Newton). They yearn nostalgically for a past that, like all pasts, is gone.

That from former liberal activist, Roger Simon and in reference to the NAACP's "report" linking the tea party to racism.

Simon is spot-on as what benefit does it serve the NAACP to have blacks in anything other than in an oppressed and 2nd class citizen status? How they keep striving for the bad old days, however, because how much more anachronistic can you get than by having the word "colored" in your organization's name?

Unfortunately, it's no longer about civil rights but being a rather large and outdated cog in the machinery of the grievance industry.

Jump in the 21st century, NAACP... the water is fine.


SarahB said...

We're kind of excited because Dawn got referenced in the NAACP report.

Dean said...

It's darn near the Good Housekeeping seal of Approval.