Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pete Stark is really glad you are here

This video clip is a pull from our running series, Nancy's Nuances: a journey of discovery and remains one of our favorites because it represents the best take-down of ObamaCare that what we have heard and from what we can tell it's from not a pundit, commentator or another politician but a regular everyday citizen.

She hits on not only the compulsory aspect of ObamaCare but something on the other side of the equation that has not been brought up nearly enough and that is if you legislate a good or service as a right out of thin air, then you are confiscating, perhaps against their will, the those goods and services from the providers.

How, then, is this confiscation not a form of economic slavery?

We love how the young lady speaks slowly and enunciates all her big words as if talking to a 3 yr. old because that represents the level of understanding of the constitution held by Representative Pete Stark (D-CA) as he will demonstrate in his own words (with apologies to all 3 yr. olds out there).

Stark sneering "I'm glad you're here to save it (the country)" puts a cherry on top of this country class vs. ruling class smack-down.

If there is one video that represents the constitutional dubious-ness of ObamaCare as well as the yawning gap between the public and our elected representatives and how it is they perceive us, this would be the one. Please pass along as you see fit.

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