Friday, October 1, 2010

Photo image of the day

Call it divine Providence or just dumb luck as what you are about to see was the last picture we were able to take yesterday before our camera decided to crap out on us.

If you have any doubts that Porkulus really has put and continues to put people back to work, we offer the following as proof, haters.

We didn't have our camera at the ready on the first occurrence of this phenomena, so with Porkulus signage festooning the highway, we made sure we were ready in case we were to see it again.

Lo and behold, on U.S. 160 in southwest Colorado, somewhere between Bayfield and Pagosa Springs, we captured two more jobs created or saved.

It's kind of tough to make out so enlarge to suit, but one can see a signal man on the right side of the road holding the slow/stop sign and up ahead about 200 yards on the other side of the road is his counterpart.

And in between.... nothing. Nada. Zilch. Forget any actual work... there is not even any equipment laying idle nearby to give the illusion that perhaps workers were on break.

Seeing as how it was kind of warm out there and these two gents ran the risk of exposure, perhaps the prudent thing of the President to do would've been simply to mail the pay checks to these two at home. Safety first!

We were utterly amazed. This was stupendous. Porkulus has officially gone from digging holes and refilling them to simply leaning on the shovels.


K T Cat said...


B-Daddy said...

I didn't see any shovels.

K T Cat said...

That's the beauty of this, B-Daddy. It's a shovel-ready project that doesn't need shovels. Talk about efficiency! It's like having a multiple Lean Six Sigmagasm!