Saturday, October 23, 2010

College football Saturday open thread

No doubt the biggie: #4 Auburn and QB Cam Newton (pictured) host the #6 Bayou Bengals of LSU. Gaming advice at bottom of post.

#13 Wisconsin after their take down of then-#1 Ohio State last week are on the road at #15 Iowa.

Big 12 showdown Pt. I: #1 Oklahoma at #11 Missouri.

Big 12 showdown Pt. II: #16 Nebraska at #14 Oklahoma State.

We want to believe, we want to believe: Chronic underachieving and yet still undefeated #7 Michigan State goes to Northwestern. Classic stumbling block game. Let's see what Sparty does here.

BCS busters: #3 Boise St. has a bye and #5 TCU hosts Air Force.

B-Daddy advises us that its better to be lucky than good. The inexplicably charmed life that is led by LSU head coach, Les Miles, rolls on and with that said, we cannot believe that LSU is getting 6-1/2 pts. at Auburn. Yes, Auburn rung up 65 points last week but that Arkansas defense is a sieve so take LSU and the points and prepare yourself for some maddeningly horrendous clock management that still works out in a peachy fashion in the end.


K T Cat said...

Where do you stand on the crucial Western Michigan vs. Akron game?

B-Daddy said...

Well, there is regression to the mean once again, as ole Les can't quite cover the spread. It was a pretty satisfying day, all in all. Started with Navy crushing Notre Dame (wining 3 of their last 4 against the Irish, after losing 43 straight.) Seeing LSU get beat was also a treat, and the evening was topped off with Oklahoma looking rather mediocre performance in Columbia, MO.
With three straight number one's going down to defeat, are the football gods trying to get Boise State a trip to the big show?

Dean said...

Very good day. First time since the Staubach era that a graduating class had 3 wins against Notre Dame.

I think the gods are trying to make this happen but will the computers allow it?