Sunday, October 24, 2010

News reader has strange new respect for dead, white conservatives

Christiane Amanpour on ABC's This Week laments conservatism's good ol' days:

"I mean there's been a long and venerable tradition of conservatism in this country. You can go back at least to Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley, all of that sort of intellectual conservatism that lasted about 30 years and people are saying that right now, it's really gone to the extreme. People are looking at the tea party and saying this is not conservatism as we knew it, but it's extreme."

George Will can barely conceal his contempt by rightly calling out Amanpour on her convenient revisionism by pointing out it was indeed people like Reagan, Goldwater and Buckley who were called extreme some 30, 40 years ago.

Go here for video at Real Clear Politics.


K T Cat said...

We love Christiane.

steve said...

I think the point is that Reagan actually did raise taxes when needed. He was conservative, but a pragmatist. By today's standards, he would be called a RINO.


Harrison said...

Yea the Tea Party is extreme. Compared to Ned Flanders?

News Reader is right!

Dean said...

Steve, I hear what you're saying but that "Reagan would be considered a RINO" narrative is a false strawman in order to let people say that the tea party vis a vis Ronald Reagan consists of a bunch of wackos.

I'm old enough to remember and inquisitive enough to read just what it was the learned-class was saying about those folks back in the day and it was just as brutal as what they are saying about the tea party now.

Amanpour and the like are self-deluded.

Dean said...

Steve, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

KT, I agree. Blogging can be a little too revealing.