Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not so random thoughts of the day

Today is the big day. It's October surprise day - the Thursday before the election. Just far enough away from next Tuesday to allow the surprise to sink in and alter the behavior of the electorate but not so close that it's lost to the noise of the weekend and football and the World Series.

We believe it was surprise day when we were told Arnold was a Nazi (2006) and that Bush was a drunk (2000). If you are thinking how a pig can be a Nazi, then it only proves how forgettable a governor he already is.

The President has said that when people become angry they don't want to listen to reason and logic. He's wrong and he's got it bassackwards. Precisely because we have been paying attention is the reason why we are so angry.

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W.C. Varones said...

Have you checked the NYT yet?

They led the brave journalistic crusade to spread McCain affair rumors in 2008.