Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lost in the 53rd

See below for both sides of a mailer we received this past week from our current California 53rd Congressional district rep, Democrat Susan Davis.

It's fairly representative of the mailers we've received from her in that she does not identify herself as a Democrat and she crows about issues that are totally irrelevent in this election cycle.

We love and actively support our troops and vets both on this website and with our personal fortune but we can't say that veteran affairs are the pressing issue of the moment.

We'd also like to add that the VFW has dissolved their PAC as the PAC's endorsement of candidates like Davis and Barabara Boxer ran counter to the desires of the vast majority of the VFW's membership.

And here is the mailer we've received from Michael Crimmins, the Republican candidate.

Um, well... we're sure it's around here somewhere. We just cannot find it at the moment. The fact of the matter is, we haven't received jack squat from Crimmins or his people. We did not even know who was running against Davis until we found out from Sarah B. at the Oceanside rally a few weeks ago.


Here we are in an atmosphere so ripe for upset that the Democratic candidate is afraid to state her party affiliation and the fact that she voted for the President's legislative crown jewel, ObamaCare, and the Republican challenger is a no show.

B-Daddy assures us his lawn sign presence is manifest in his neck of the 53rd woods and we will certainly take him at his word but Crimmins is figureatively the invisible man out here in Rolando Beach and the greater College area.

We met and spoke to 2 or 3 Republican primary candidates at tea party rallies who were out pounding the pavement, handing out literature and spreading the good word but did not see this guy Crimmins nor any of his people.

We're sure there are some very good reasons why Crimmins has been been ignoring us. In this particular political climate, however, we don't happen to think those excuses are good enough.


SarahB said...

That's because Crimmins isn't about winning, he's about the gravitas of being a candidate and the perks that come with that. Folks in the 53rd need to help Popaditch in the 51st...he's working his ass off and has a real chance of taking out cry baby Filner. If we can't take Davis out, let's box her in.

Dean said...

I like the way you're thinking, Sarah.

Papa Gunny's rig was on an overpass on the 5 just north of National City this morning.

K T Cat said...

Crimmins has got such a great name! He sounds like a chauffeur.

"Drive me to the club, Crimmins! I'm late for my game of Whist with the Fox and Hounds Society!"