Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What we nearly missed on Sunday

We've been totally remiss in not calling attention to an Op-Ed piece which appeared in Sunday's San Diego Union-Tribune co-authored by loyal reader, frequent commenter, friend, lioness of the San Diego tea party movement and all-around member in good standing of BwD Nation, Sarah Bond.

Here are a couple of pull-a-graphs.

Nationwide, the first major tea party victory was realized in the May 2009 California special election. Tea party activists played a key role in alerting taxpayers to the public unions’ attempt to pass a stealth $16 billion tax increase disguised as a “rainy-day fund.” The entire nation gasped when Proposition 1A and its suite of companion initiatives were crushed by a nearly two-to-one popular vote.

Proposition 1A demonstrated that a million educated voices shouting in defiance empowers even the average working Californian to overcome the multimillion-dollar coffers of the public employee unions and mega-corporations.

Commenters to the article were curious/demanded to know where the tea party stood on social issues. With 12 tea party organizations in San Diego county alone and 185 in California, there are no consensual or codified platform planks on issues such as abortion, school prayer, flag burning, etc. For the tea party movement, as a whole, these issues are irrelevant and we view this as a good thing.

Nothing smacks of intellectual laziness and makes us cringe like a Republican pol talking about "family values". We hate family values and we say this as family value types. So does that what it feels like to be a Catholic?

Another commenter theme: "Where were all you wing-nut tea partiers during the Bush years?"

Please feel free to search the archives of this blog (search: President Bush) for our feelings regarding the domestic policies of our 43rd President. Also, it's all about tipping points and momentum: Take a look at the graph below regarding debt under President Bush vs. President Obama and ask yourself if that doesn't represent the proverbial frog in the simmering pot of water followed suddenly by a cranking up of the heat and a WTF? moment of realization.

Yes, the spending under Bush was atrocious, however, it took something like this to finally get people to act. Memo to libs: Sorry we didn't get here sooner but aren't you glad that we're here now?

In parting, please go over to Temple of Mut where Leslie, our favorite registered Democrat, responds to San Diego Democratic Party chairman, Jeff Dufree's contention that the tea party movement is somehow a partisan tool of the Republican Party.

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