Friday, October 8, 2010

Mission: Accomplished!

A couple weeks back the wheels officially came off Bill Maher's shabbily-crafted libertarian brand and last Friday, seemingly realizing it, he officially embraced his true liberal street cred by openly shilling for the statist agenda of the President and the Democrats.

For the transcript of this witty and insightful monologue go here to NewsBusters.

But let's go ahead and breakdown some of what Maher said:

Last week President Obama had the frankest town hall meeting I've ever seen, and a woman named Velma Hart took the mike and told the president, "I'm exhausted defending you." Well, if you're like Velma and you're tired of making excuses for Obama, just imagine how tired he is of making excuses for you.

If memory serves correctly, Ms. Hart was a former member of the armed forces and is a small business owner, not necessarily the type of person worthy of Maher's condescension. Maher cannot help himself however, as America the stupid or unworthy has been a constant of his schtick for years.

Now, I'm -- I am not here to carry water for this or any administration, but the facts of the coming election are Democrats have real accomplishments to run on.

Except that you are, you hack.

Like preventing a depression and forcing insurance companies to cover preexisting conditions.

(italics, ours)

Out: Stimulating the economy and keeping the unemployment rate under 8%.
In: We saved you all from a Depression, you ungrateful twits.

And Maher absolutely nails why it is, in part, health care costs will go up under ObamaCare. Thanks, Bill.

Obama has passed a credit card bill of rights, he restarted stem cell research, and got our ass out of Iraq, and signed a nuclear treaty with Russia - not to mention the intangible of having a president who can pronounce "nuclear."

Which explains why credit card rates have gone up. And he didn't restart stem cell research, he merely re-started funding of the ethically-challenged and questionably-effective embryonic stem cell research.

Obama merely honored an agreement hammered out between the Bush administration and the Iraq government with respect to troop withdrawal. A real profile in courage, that.

And, "nuclear"....?

Just sayin'.

Why can't the Democrats get props for what they've achieved? Oh, I know, I know. Obama is black. He's used to being denied credit.

We realize that being a funny man requires getting a few cheap laughs but if you want also to be respected as a serious commentator, please get your facts straight and realize that the key to the entire financial meltdown was blacks.... whites, Hispanics, Asians... everybody not being denied credit.

And there's nothing wrong with being hard on him. He is the president. It's our job to keep him honest. But when it comes to voting, when we only have two choices, you got to grow up and realize there's a big difference between a disappointing friend and a deadly enemy.

Deadly enemy... because those Republicans have nothing more to offer than fear-mongering.

Bill, we're just thankful you've dropped the libertarian facade (10 years was quite long enough) and have got on board for being a paid shill for the regime. Congrats!


Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

*points* Example of why I tend to roll my eyes at the title "independent," and sometimes "libertarian." (Thankfully, it's now getting so you can figure fairly well who really is some flavor of libertarian just by seeing what their response to authority they agree with is.)

Dean said...

Like shooting fish in a barrel.