Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo image(s) of the day

TIJUANA — It started with some police officers noticing a suspicious convoy of vehicles moving through a neighborhood in eastern Tijuana late Sunday, turned into a shootout and ended with the Monday seizure of 115 tons of marijuana — an unprecedented bust for Baja California.

The processed pot, about 230,000 pounds of it, could fetch about half a billion dollars on the street in the United States, according to one criminology source.

Eleven suspects were under arrest as of Monday evening. One of them was being treated for injuries sustained in the confrontation. One police officer also was injured.

The article somewhat unhelpfully explains that the seized 115 tons of marijuana weighs about as much as 15 adult male African elephants or a Boeing 757 at maximum takeoff weight.

Since neither elephants nor jumbo jets are in our day-to-day frame of reference, perhaps the Union-Tribune could've been more helpful by adding "appetite-wise, 115 tons of marijuana is the equivalent of 436,000 bags of Doritos.

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