Thursday, October 21, 2010

The dubious value of "doing it for the children"

Two Charger home games thus far this year and so far, two blackouts as the team did not sell the requisite amount of tickets as dictated by the NFL.

Now short of the NFL revising this long-standing policy in this age of recession and 52" inch LCD televisions, what is to be done?

Some enterprising folks here in town have set up a site Stop Chager Blackouts that will accept donations in order to purchase seats for the Boys and Girls Club of San Diego.

Now, assuming everything is on the up and up, what a great idea. Blackouts are lifted, we get football on Sunday and some disadvantaged youngsters get to see their home town, 2-4 Chargers.

The drawback as we see it? To paraphrase Beano Cook upon learning that then-MLB commissioner Bowie Kuhn had granted free life-time baseball passes to the released Iranian hostages back in 1981: "Haven't they suffered enough?"


Road Dawg said...

Great idea!

Harrison said...

How many tickets do they have to buy? PetCo Park is big.