Sunday, October 10, 2010

Liberal woman disturbed by liberals' treatment of women

Kirsten Powers, no conservative she, pens a column for the Daily Beast on the recent outbreaks of misogynistic and bigoted behavior displayed by her fellow libs.

Before we get to Powers' pull-a-graph, however, we want to show you something that happened just after Powers' article was published proving that it's tough to keep current with all this stuff:

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Dancing....? Masters...?

Damn, Larry. Why not just drop any pretext of subtlety and go straight to shuckin' and jivin'? Much more colorful, wouldn't you say?

Anyway, here's Powers and, unfortunately, a washed-up and irrelevant "feminist", Gloria Steinem:

Yes, sexism matters—as does gender. But whereas you never hear anyone claim that men should vote a particular way because of their gender, feminists have no trouble treating women like pre-schoolers who have to be herded into the right camp, a camp that is apparently preordained at birth. In an interview with Katie Couric last year, Gloria Steinem said that where conservative women stand “is squarely against what most women need and want. If [women] still vote for them, they are voting against themselves, which is quite tragic to me.”

The liberal-left is scared witless and this lashing out is not unlike a cornered animal emoting in basic survival mode. And what is at the core of this acting out is a plantation mentality that the liberal-left has towards women and minorities.

This hostility exhibited towards those that wander off reservation is borne of a mindset of intellectual and moral superiority. How else does one explain ObamaCare and the overall statist agenda of the liberal-left?:

You are too stupid and not to be trusted to make the proper health care decisions on your own.

You see, women and minorities owe their current standing to the liberal-left and to display any sort of independent thinking that is not in lock-step with the establishment is not showing the warranted fealty and is viewed as tantamount to an insurrection. The keeper/minder mentality is at the core of the liberal-left's treatment of women and minorities.

While we'll be looking hard for signs of extremism and bigotry at the tea party rally today up in Oceanside, we trust many of you will have a much easier time of it by simply turning on your T.V.

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