Monday, August 1, 2011

Dereliction of duty: thy name is the Senate...

... and the office of the President if you're scoring at home.

Good lord. Some truly epic smack from, based upon what he was running on the floor of the Senate last night, a person we hope will be running for President come 2016.

Marco Rubio (D-Florida) expresses yet another reason why this debt-ceiling deadline of August 2nd is complete bu#@sh%t as the Senate has not even proposed let alone passed a budget in over 820 days. Now we're supposed to get serious about passing a budget?

Revel in it, brothers and sisters, as Rubio name-drops and calls out tea-party radicals for their extrmist ways.

Let me tell you how ridiculous the (President's) budget was... not a single member of the Senate including the Democrats voted for it.


Where's the (President's) plan? We haven't seen it.

3:23 : Did he just toss his notes onto the floor? Awesomeness.


K T Cat said...

Loved it. A link is on the way.

Road Dawg said...

"Waste Deep in the Big Muddy and the Big Fool says to move on!" Pete Seeger

Harrison said...

Yup. This "crisis" was manufactured.