Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Your high-speed choo-choo update

We've chronicled some whopper boondoggles on these pages but for its concentrated scale and sheer audacity, this one is worthy of being ranked right towards the top.

Who's up for $1 billion/mile rail line in San Fran that doesn't even hook up with the BART line and isn't near being fully funded yet?

This near two-mile railroad to nowhere will cost $1.6 billion and we all know the costs of these types of projects never... repeat, never go down, only up.

They're funded to the tune of $700 million, currently and the city thinks they can scratch together $500 million from other sources but that still leaves them almost another $500 million short.

Not to worry. This is Pelosi country. They'll get the cashe under some such gimmickry like infrastructure stimulus. Take it to the bank.


Doo Doo Econ said...

Yay a choo choo train! Maybe when it is complete they can take school children on field trips on the train. Who could oppose that?


Dean said...

If you did, you would be a racist.

Harrison said...

Hey this might create 8 jobs!

Talking Heads song Road to Nowhere comes to mind:


Dean said...

Love the 'Heads and love that song.