Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why doesn't this lady have her own show?

Laura Ingraham subbing for O'Reilly... any further commentary would be superfluous.

OK. We lied. Rangel is either exceedingly ballsy or just plain stupid to think he was going to sneak his snakeoil past Ingraham. We think, however, his sexist comment to Ingraham proves he's just plain clueless.


K T Cat said...

Laura Ingraham kicks ass. Love it.

B-Daddy said...

A pretty girl is a secret weapon? If that's all it takes to get Rangel off his game, his position is weak indeed. Ingraham's response is perfect, "It's a serious question." Of course, Rangel can't answer, because he would have to admit the failure of their quasi-socialist policies.

Harrison said...

She's too whiny, likes to talk over her guests too much, and too Connecticut for me if that makes sense.

She is grating like parmesan cheese over my Caesar salad.

Dean said...

That wasn't Ann Coulter, Harrison. ;)

Harrison said...

The first time I watched her on the O'Reilly Factor I thought... she MUST be from CT. Sure enough, she's from Glastonbury, Connecticut.

She is very indicative of the types of women you used to find there.

Always got on my nerves.