Monday, August 8, 2011

Photo image of the day

The NFL held its Hall of Fame induction ceremony over the weekend so we want to extend congratulations to Shannon Sharpe, Chris Hanburger, Deion Sanders, Marshal Faulk and Ed Sabol.

We witnessed, in person, about 80% of Faulk's home games when he played here as an Aztec at San Diego State. Along with Reggie Bush, he is the most exciting player we have seen in person and probably the most complete running back in NFL history. (Having been able to see Faulk, Bush and LaDanian Tomlinson all here in our backyard, we consider ourselves fortunate football fans, indeed. Hey, what is it about San Diego and it's running backs? Were we a little older perhaps we could've added Marcus Allen, who prepped at Lincoln High, to that list.)

And if you want to know why, or more precisely who is it that is responsible for the monstrous popularity of the NFL look no further than former commissioner, Pete Rozelle (truly, straight out of Compton) and Ed Sabol, the founder of NFL films and who made football highlights an art form.

But for all that, our lasting image of this past weekend and the NFL celebrations will be this.

We know these bronze busts they put in the Hall that are likenesses of its entrants are a tricky business but that, folks, is supposed to be Deion Sanders. What it appears it is, though, is the love-child from a black Vince Lombardi and actor, Jeff Goldblum.

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Harrison said...

I'm sure, 10,000 years from now when all of mankind is gone aliens will find this statue and wonder... why was he smiling? Humans look so kind and gentle how could they destroy themselves?