Thursday, August 25, 2011

Video clip of the day

On Sunday evening, National Geographic will be airing a one hour special about President Bush's memories of 9-11.

Here's a tease clip:

One of the things that absolutely chapped our hide and which was emblematic of Bush Derangement Syndrome was the snarkful criticisms leveled at Bush as he sat there in that classroom with that 10,000 ft. stare after being informed by Andy Card that the second World Trade Center tower had been hit.

Like, what was he supposed to do? After being informed that the country was under attack, maybe a little soft-shoe in front of the tykes, perhaps some Shakespeare? Or maybe given the go-it-alone cowboy personae we had not yet seen, he could've demanded that half the class form a defensive perimeter while arming the other half with the command to storm the cafeteria in the hopes of nabbing the perp.

Seriously. While his Secret Service detail was most certainly securing the perimeter and Air Force One was being fired up, there's no doubt that what went missing in Bush's recounting of Card's "brief" was for Bush to keep his ass planted right there in that seat until which time he could make an orderly departure.

Aaarrgh... Ten years on this stuff still ticks us off.

Anyway, we'll be watching.


Foxfier said...

The kids appreciated him finishing the book....

"Rush and do something" is the default response-- even when it just means you freak everyone in the room out, and you only run out into the hallway and have to wait while they make it safe for you to go to point B.

Road Dawg said...

The political oportunity was there and was taken. No matter what the response, it would be played as "incorrect".