Sunday, August 21, 2011

OK, it isn't just about the economy, stupid

Weren't we all told that self-preservation is life's most basic human instinct? The quickened heart beat, the short breaths, the sweaty palms...

Mike McDaniel of Confederate Yankeee breaks it all down as such:

It all comes down to this: Is there an inalienable right to self-defense? If there is, each man has indisputable, inestimable value, value that he may rightly preserve even if the life of another man is forfeit. A man may kill another in lawful self-defense even if the policy preferences of the state would prefer his death. If a right to self-defense actually exists, it is in a very real sense the highest law of the land and all lesser laws must pay it deference. It fundamentally defines the social contract, the nature of the relationship between man and the state.

But if there is no such inalienable right, the entire nature of the social contract is changed. Each man’s worth is measured solely by his utility to the state, and as such the value of his life rides a roller coaster not unlike the stock market: dependent not only upon the preferences of the party in power but upon the whims of its political leaders and the permanent bureaucratic class. The proof of this analysis surrounds us.


In the recent riots in Britain, we see America not far into the future if the progressive worldview is much further advanced. Contemporary England is a nation that spends a great deal of time and energy ostensibly caring for “the people,” yet cares not a whit for the life of any individual, particularly when that life is threatened or taken by a member of a favored political class or victim group, criminals included. This attitude and practice is a foundation of socialism.

At an earlier stage of glorious socialist evolution, we find the family of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, murdered by cartel gunmen wielding rifles walked across the border in the gunwalker scandal. As reported by Fox News, the family of Terry requested crime victim status in the case of Jamie Avila, charged with purchasing the guns that reportedly killed Terry. Victims with such an obvious and compelling connection to a criminal case are routinely granted this status by prosecutors, but not in a government fundamentally changing itself into a socialist state.

Please read the entire article at the link. This is important stuff.


Foxfier said...

Very good point.

B-Daddy said...

Denying crime victim status to Brian Ferry's family? Are you kidding? Why the administration isn't teetering on collapse over causing the deaths of American law enforcement agents is beyond me. I hope Issa stays with this until all the rot is exposed. Remember the furor with Bush over violations of the rule of law that at least had the effect of advancing the war on terror? Here we have a gunwalking gone wrong, dead Americans, dead Mexicans, lying officials and a coverup, but mum's the word.

I don't own a gun, but with such behavior from federal law enforcement, maybe I need to reconsider.

Foxfier said...

You've heard of "push presents"? It's the new fad version of the old "husband gives a lady a gift after she gives birth" tradition.

Elf is getting me a shotgun....

Dean said...

Tis time.