Sunday, August 7, 2011

Video clip of the day: Poverty of dependency and entitlement

We don't own air conditioning. We can feel the class envy building within us already.

Here's Bill Whittle on what it means to be poor.

Poverty of dependency and entitlement

Here are some of the graphs Whittle was talking about from the Heritage Foundation study.

Not much of a difference, huh?

And check out this one.

This graph is representative in that the poor in this country receive about the same amenities as does the average American about 8-10 years later.

Again, hooray for the rich as they subsidize technology at the front end so that the particular technology has a chance to mature, inferior formats of that technology are cast aside and prices eventually fall to a point where the rest of us can afford it. Think any of us would shell out $4,000 for that brick of a cell phone Michael Douglas was chugging around in the movie Wall Street back in 1986? A brick of a cell phone that could only make phone calls?

Neither would we.

Back in high school in the mid-80s, we recall a film crew from the Soviet Union coming over here to do a documentary on poverty in America. It sparked outrage. In the Soviet Union. The "poor" here in America had color T.V.s, microwave ovens and were able to put their kids in Air Jordan Nike basketball shoes. That the underpriviledged in the Soviet Union could ever be so poor.

The poor here in America are perhaps the first underclass in the history of civilization to suffer from obesity rather than malnourishment.

Please remember all this the next time the grievance industry renews their calls for greater social justice and candidates for political office start calling for "spreading the wealth around". It seems to be spread around quite nicely as it is, thanks much.


SarahB said...

I didn't see mani-pedi's on that graph...cause you can't be a self-respecting entitlement sponge without a tacky set of weekly-maintained acrylics.

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