Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Video clip of the day

Donna Matias of the University of San Diego does pro bono legal work to help low and medium-income entrepreneurships navigate their way through the mazes of the local and city licensing, permitting and regulatory regimes.

It's really frustrating to work with a client who's really passionate about their business, who needs to support a family but is faced with all of these obstacles, the business permits, the licensing, the taxes, the employment compliance and all of that. It's very frustrating for me to see and to know what they have ahead of them because starting a business is something they are very passionate about.

One of the best ways for the state of California to get back on track financially, I think, is to allow businesses to operate and operate without all the compliance and regulatory burdens they have been suffering under.

Basically, the state needs to lower taxes and decrease the regulations.

You think Sacramento has any desire whatsoever to pursue any of these initiatives offered by Matias?

And speaking of regulatory bureaucracies, every year, we wonder why it is we are scratching out that $130 check to the state DMV. Now, one may argue that renewal of your vehicle registration is tied into smog compliance every two years. That logic is debateable but for the sake of argument, so be it. But what about the off year? For what purpose are we "renewing" our registration and why does it cost $130 to do it... every year? Propping up a state bureaucracy is not going to cut it as a reason.

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Starve the beast; drive a beater.