Friday, August 19, 2011

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From Sparta to SEAL Team 6...

Glenn Reynolds sits down with author Steven Pressfield to talk about his new book, The Warrior Ethos:

I do see life as a sort of a conflict... and I think the metaphor of war stories and stories of conflict keep resonating through whatever I do.

I have a little bit of a dark view of contemporary America society and where were going with our various institutions that are supposedly taking care of business but the one institution that is doing great, I think, is the military. And that's where I see people with the most spirit, the most passion and even the most vision.

In order to bring some "institutional balance" back to American society as well as getting back to the citizen-soldier concept vs. the current professional soldier concept, Pressfield is in favor of bringing back the draft or something similar. We're not too sure about that.

People whose opinions we greatly respect, believe as Pressfield does, that perhaps society would be greatly improved if its citizenry was infused with that warrior ethos via a mandatory two-year hitch in the military.

We're of the mind that if we're depending on the military to teach us how to be better citizens, then perhaps we have greater structural problems than we realize.

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