Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amendments a no-go

Call it stocking up on campaign trail fodder or call it just having some procedural fun or just call it helping Obama and the Democrats live up to the promises they made while pushing ObamaCare, Senate Republicans have proposed a number of amendments to the reconciliation bill. The reconciliation bill that was ostensibly to make the standing ObamaCare bill signed yesterday by the President less sucky.

Among the amendments shot down by the Democrats:

- Denying funding of Viagara for pedophiles and sex offenders.

- Forcing members of Congress and their staffs receive health care through
the newly-created exchanges rather than the Federal Emplyoee Health
Benefits Program (Obama had indicated that the care people would receive
under ObamaCare would rival that of the FEHBP).

- No provisions in the bill would raise people's health care premiums (the
CBO says premiums in the individual market would rise by as much as 13%).

The Heritage Foundation has more here.

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