Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Coffee Party: the obviously obvious answer to the Tea Party...

... and other related thoughts.

Confirmed: As suspected, the Coffee Party is comprised of disaffected netroot types that are trying to get Hope’n’Change back on track and who can’t believe the unwashed masses of the Tea Party have effectively leveraged against the grand transformative statist agenda of the Obama administration.

The founder, Annabel Park has a long history of activism with various lefty groups but you know what? We’re not here to quibble over grass-roots bona fides – it’s about the ideas and we happen to think that the message of limited government, low taxes and fiscal responsibility is a winning one in this center-right country.

Not so random thought regarding the political demographics of the Tea Party: given who we know is involved, it certainly appears to be a re-birth of the Reagan coalition, no? Disaffected (I didn’t leave the party the party left me) Reagan Democrats, fiscal conservatives and libertarians with a smattering of government-wary social cons.

Unlike the Reagan coalition, though, we believe you may find a few more doves in the ranks. That’s cool. As B-Daddy pointed out regarding the rally on Saturday and with respect to counter-protesters carrying anti-war placards… “and you’re point is?” And we think that is to the Tea Party’s advantage. You cannot effectively counter what it is you do not comprehend.

We forgot where we heard it but the person said conservative activists have co-opted Saul Alinsky’s tactics and were now beating the Left about the head and shoulders with them. You know what else we’ve co-opted? Their music. Check out Waynok’s totally excellent video of the proceedings down at the Star of India on Saturday.

Finally… B-Daddy (the Tea Party's unofficial ideologist?) has unveiled his revised Freedom Coalition agenda. No big changes, though it is tweaked slightly to reflect some Tea Party priorities.

‘Night, all.

P.S. Picture above is of our first Tea Party event last April. We missed the kick-off Tea Party rally a few weeks before as our previously non-activist asses goofed up on the time and date. We were so adorable back then.


B-Daddy said...

Dean, thanks for the link. As to my new moniker, hey, nothing's official in the Tea Party, so why not? Waynok sends thanks for the link love from his uncle as well.

With respect to Alinsky, the leaderless structure is the exact model needed to prevent an Alinsky style counter attack.

CZ said...

Dean, I love how you take yourself so seriously - haha "adorable" -- well alrighty!

Anonymous said...

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