Monday, March 15, 2010

Process, shmrocess

The White House is backing down from trying to get senators to remove some special deals from the health care bill.

Senior adviser David Axelrod says the White House only objected to deals that affected just one state, such one involving Medicaid and Nebraska that's being cut from the legislation.

Axelrod says that deals that could apply to more than one state are OK.
That means deals pushed by senators from Montana and Connecticut would be fine because they're written in such a way that other states could potentially qualify.
It's a change from a couple days ago when press secretary Robert Gibbs singled out the Montana and Connecticut deals and said President Barack Obama wanted them gone.

Axelrod spoke on ABC's "This Week."

So, let’s get this straight: pork for one is bad but as long as the pork can conceivably be spread across the entirety of the fruited plain then it’s all good.

It’s about equality, remember?

Never in our lives have we seen legislation whereby there has been a wider delta between the stated noble intentions of the bill and the actual sleazy, craven and outright corrupt manner in which it was fashioned.

Define irony: At the bottom of the linked page is something called “Google sponsored links” and a link to the official Obama website (Organizing for America) which is accompanied by the tagline: “Barack Obama Needs Your Help to Change Washington”

Addendum #1: Democrats are actually starting to cop to the fact that the process for trying to pass ObamaCare has stunk to high heaven by claiming the American people don’t care how it gets passed as long as it gets passed. After Pelosi claimed last week that ObamaCare needed to be passed in order for the public to actually see what’s in the bill, we are finding that congressional Democrats have a very interesting take on legislative democracy.


K T Cat said...

How in the world does this work, anyway? Once the Senate bill is signed into law, how will these deals get done? Won't the Republicans fillibuster the bill modifications? It all looks like fantasy on the part of the House Democrats who are getting bought off to me.

Dean said...

From what I understand is once the House passes the Senate bill, the Senate will introduce the reconciliation or fix bill to address all the concerns the House has with what it is they just passed.

Problem is, the House doesn't trust the Senate to actually do this.

Also, I believe that the Republicans can stall the reconciliation bill, which only needs 51 votes, by introducing a limitless amount of amendments to that particular bill.

Harrison said...

The only pork they are getting rid of is the one for Campbell is what I read. The rest of it stays because it could be applied to any state.