Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quote of the day

There you have the premise of this legislation and the core of today's liberalism: the American people are such dopes they can't be counted upon to buy their own insurance.

That from George Will in response to Robert Reich’s claim that nationalized healthcare is needed in order to set minimum standards so the American public won’t be “taken”.

This exchange ocurred over the weekend during the Roundtable segment of “This Week”.

Will’s exactly right as the statist agenda depends upon the notion that the American public is like a lamb led to slaughter, or at least would be led to slaughter were it not for the munificence and wisdom of their benefactors in the government who are uniquely positioned to make better healthcare decisions for individuals than those individuals themselves.

In the same program, Will also blew up the perception that the health insurance providers were swimming in ill-begotten cash, i.e., the suddenly toxic term “profits” (try telling that to their shareholders).

The health care insurance industry, in 2008, experienced profits of 2.2% ranking them 35th in all of American industries right ahead of Petroleum refining at 2.1%.

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Harrison said...

I think Coca Cola makes more profit per gallon of soda than the oil companies do per gallon of gas... imagine how much more profit they make than the healthcare industry!