Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Standing by for the outrageous outrage over the House approval of the Senate health care reform bill from our new friends in the Coffee Party movement.

If they decry the undo influence of lobbyists on Capitol Hill and the “corporatism” that describes today’s public/private marketplace, then surely they must object to the compulsory nature of Obamacare where for the first time, the federal government is forcing citizens to purchase a good or service, in this case, health insurance coverage, from a private entity – the very health insurance companies that have allegedly been getting fat off the American people for years now.

And you think the healthcare industry lobby is influential now, just wait until it’s Congress telling them what medical practices they will be required to cover and dictating the deductible amounts for specific drugs and so on and so forth.

Surely, the hypocrisy of demonizing the health insurance industry and then turning around and handing them 30 million new customers would gall the Coffee Party to the degree they would stand with the Tea Party in opposition to this sham of a bill.

We can imagine that this is not the HopenChange they were waiting for. The Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, Gator Aid and all the other backroom bribes, special-interest deals and general whoring-out that was required for this once-in-a-generation legislation should definitely be an anathema to the good-government instincts of the Coffee Party.

And surely, they must be disappointed in the man whom we are assuming most of them voted into the Oval Office as it was he who was going to change the way business was done in Washington and it was he who was going to usher in a new era of bipartisanship, cooperation and understanding in this country. Yet, it is he who will sign this illegitimately-fashioned and fatally flawed bill into law.

The cynic in us says that, yes, yea verily has Obama delivered on his promises. Any amount of corruptness, rank partisanship, naked power-grabbing and toxicity that existed previously in Washington has been exceeded by a degree we never thought possible. Change we can believe in is change we can now see with our very eyes.

So, what say ye, Coffee Party? Here’s your opportunity to prove to America you are not the statist shills for the Obama agenda we believe you to be. Prove us wrong. Prove us wrong by standing with the majority of Americans in opposing Obamacare.

Addendum #1: We’re calling you out also, ACLU, on the grounds of the compulsory nature of O-Care.

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