Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tick-tock (UPDATED... again)

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Good lord, another tea party rally? You betcha. With the House Democrats dropping “deem and pass”, this sets the table for an up and down vote on the Senate bill tomorrow… Sunday, when all monumental pieces of legislation get voted on.

(Gulp. If the Democrats are dropping the kamikaze deem and pass, does that mean Pelosi has the votes?)

Nice turnout downtown for a short-notice Saturday event during March Madness.

Uhhh... not really but we get the sentiment.

A couple of things keep rattling around our head when thinking of healthcare reform: How is it possible that our government can force us to purchase a good or service from a private entity? The rank hypocrisy of it all is that the Obama administration and congressional Democrats have not spared the rod in demonizing the very private entity (the health insurance industry) that you will be forced to enter into contract with.

And how unconscionable is it that our tax dollars will go to fund abortion as the current Senate bill provides? One would think that even an ardent pro-choicer would find these involuntary contributions objectionable. It is, after all, about choice, right?

We’ll update this later when Leslie of Temple of Mut has her write-up of the event.

(UPDATE #1): As promised, a comprehensive recap of today's events from Temple of Mut, here.

(UPDATE #2):

Florida Democrat, Alstee Hastings, making no pretense as to how things work in D.C. these days.


SarahB said...

Thanks for the great pics and coverage. Sending out with our update. And thank you for making it out again today. An apropos way to start Spring, don't you think? Up or down, I think we are going out for a much needed drink tomorrow. I can't remember the last time I hired a babysitter for a non-tea party outing.

Harrison said...

Nice photos. I hope the Dems drop like flies in November.

Doo Doo Economics said...

Thanks for the great coverage! The picture of the future tax payer at the end is priceless. He is why we are all standing up!

K T Cat said...

Awesome work as always, Dean.