Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Death, taxes and...

... Government entitlement programs that always, repeat, always, cost more than originally projected.

The reasons are myriad, of course, from the inherent inefficiencies of the government to accounting tricks in the legislation that would make Enron blush to the pols simply not carrying out what they promised to do (in straight parlance, "lie"). All 3 come into play with ObamaCare and in the case of the pols just lying through their teeth without any intention of carrying out the promises they made while campaigning for passage of ObamaCare, it is with respect to Medicare.

The Democrats claimed they will pay for ObamaCare, in part, by cutting $500 billion from Medicare over the next decade. Seriously, they actually said that. But you and we both know that doesn't have a ghost of a chance of happening. In fact, we'll bet a pay check that not a single, honest-to-god, cut gets made to Medicare.

Anyway, check out the chart below, courtesy, on the actual costs of government health programs vs. the original projections.

All things being equal, what this chart tells us is that British politicians lie to their constituents to a far lesser degree than do their American counterparts.

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