Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quote of the day

...while the healthcare debate rages, there is still other business being tended to in D.C.

“Americans are frustrated and angry, as we all know, they've lost faith in our markets, and they wonder if anyone is looking out for them.”

That from the on-his-way-out-the-door, Connecticut Senator, Chris Dodd unveiling new sweeping financial regulations that came out of committee on Monday.

It is now confirmed that Congress has a special tailor on the premises solely for the purpose of fashioning the appropriately-sized pants required to house the basketball-sized stones possessed by the likes of Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.

How else does one explain a man sitting in the epicenter of the financial/housing meltdown and who was getting sweetheart deals on his own properties from Countrywide Mortgage, saying something like that and there not be such a person? Wouldn’t it be downright embarrassing for all involved for Dodd and Frank to be bouncing around Capitol Hill sans culottes?

It is duly noted that Dodd made his announcement at a news conference alone – not even accompanied by any of his fellow Democrats on the Banking Committee that he chairs. The man is that toxic. This could be the greatest piece of legislation ever written but the man has zero credibility on this or any other issue for that matter and no one wants to be associated with the man as he pushes for his legacy bill.

Happy Trails, Senator


Harrison said...

Isn't Dodd quitting because people lost faith in him?

Dean said...

Or because he knew he wouldn't get re-elected which, I guess, is pretty much the same thing.