Friday, March 12, 2010

Radio KBwD is on the air

You’re familiar with the expression, “that person doesn’t have a mean bone in his body”, right? Well, if there was ever a rock’n’roll band for which that expression could apply, its these guys.

Cheery and infectious pop is what they did and every cool 7th grader we knew tabbed these guys as their favorite band.

Ladies and Gentlemen: from Great Britain it’s Electric Light Orchestra performing “Shine A Litte Love”.

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K T Cat said...

I am a huge ELO fan. I saw them in concert during their Time tour. Loads of fun, even if they were lip-synching. They'd been accused of that during their concerts and its understandable, given the complex layering Jeff Lynne used in most of his songs. Whatever the outcome of that, they certainly could play - the solos were quite good.