Wednesday, March 17, 2010

San Diego code red/urgent care health care protest 3/16

Folks, yesterday we were over in City Heights in front of our Congressional representative, Susan Davis’ office for the San Diego code red/urgent care Healthcare rally.

Pictures of the event following. We estimated 80-100 people while we were there. Pretty solid for a short-notice mid-week event.

This was by far our favorite sign (and completely thieved from somewhere else – the photo, that is) because it parallels the familiar liberal battle cry of the 70s and 80s favored by pro-choice feminists: Keep your laws off my body!

The irony of course is some of the very people who were sporting t-shirts bearing this slogan are some of Obamacare’s biggest supporters. Hypocrisy, you say?

To that end, we’ve advised tea partiers who wish to engage the coffee partiers to challenge them on the compulsory aspects of Obamacare. What is legal or even ethical about forcing one to purchase healthcare from a(n evil) health insurance corporation. Challenge them in the most civil of ways, of course.

Also, along the same lines as far as engaging coffee partiers ask them if they consider the federal government ownership of General Motors to be a manifestation of the “corporatism” they railed against during the Bush years. Corporatism on HGH if you want to get specific. We’d like to see if they are truly as upset as we are with regard to this “hand-in-glove” partnership of the private and public sectors that is ultimately an anathema to free-market democracy.

And the rest of the photos? Screw it. Our photos stink. Don’t dawdle here too long, rather go on over to Temple of Mut who has an outstanding and comprehensive breakdown of the rally plus… a photo of a heretofore unseen blogger?


SarahB said...

Thanks for the coverage!

CZ said...

I hope it's okay, BwD, that I posted this on B'Daddy's blog. I'm just hot to see this get buried because it stinks soooo bad!!!

Just spent the last couple of hours sending emails to as many representatives as would let me. I thanked them for voting NO on this horrible health care legislation. I picked up this link from Carpe Diem blog. CodeRed is fighting the Obama/Pelosi Government Health Care Takeover. Representatives and contact info is here, how they voted in November and their current status. 29 are still undecided; we only need 11 more NO votes for this bill to die!!!

Doo Doo Econ said...

Nice quick break down of the rally.

I pose the question...

If they don't care that 53% of Americans oppose ObamaCare, why would they care WHEN you don't get the care you need?

Dean said...

CZ, no worries.

Folks, that's activism from half-way around the globe and that's passion.

Doo-doo, great point. It parallels that statement regarding a government that can give you everything you want can also take away those things you value.