Monday, March 22, 2010

Programming Alert (UPDATED)

If you think we're spending too much time on health care, we've got some very bad news for you as we will be venting and then plotting and scheming for a while with respect to ObamaCare. No other piece of legislation in our lifetime has been as great a threat to our freedom and liberty as this one is.

Please feel free to pass on this blog for a while if you feel differently. If not, please stick around and help us strategize how best we can blunt the effects of if not ruin ObamaCare altogether.

We were pretty depressed yesterday evening. We woke up this morning, though, energized and ready for the battle. Join us, won't you?

(UPDATE #1): Ask and ye shall receive. Liberated from the comments courtesy Sarah B., Dawn from the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalitions has some initial thoughts on first response strategy to ObamCare, here.


SarahB said...

Right on!! Dawn put together a few initial suggestions that we have up at the SoCalTRC site:

Dean said...

Thanks, Sarah! Will liberate link from the comments in an update.