Sunday, March 21, 2010


KT has an excellent piece here comparing the frantic push by the President and his supporters for Obamacare to the disastrous Nivelle offensive of World War I (in fairness to both President Obama and the CinC of the French Army, Robert Nivelle, disastrous doesn’t begin to describe either of their actions). Obama has staked his entire presidency on the passage of this bill and with that riding on it comes some entirely predictable results:

How do we know the President is all in and all in to the exclusion of any rationality and truthfulness? When he starts spewing crap like this.

3,000? 3,000 percent…… ?!

Good things are in store for all Americans with respect to pending health care reform when its biggest cheerleader doesn’t pretend anymore to give lip service to facts but instead just starts making shit up off the top of his head when speaking in public.

Your legacy, sir.

Follower update: American Daily Conservative, Left Coast Rebel and Carol are all in the house. Special shout-out to Carol who with her husband, Gary, is doing the Lord's work with orphans over in Lithuania.


K T Cat said...

Thanks for the link! I'm glad you liked that bit. For a while, I was quite the WW I geek.

CZ said...

Hey, Dean, thank you sir! You made me day (actually it is night here ;)