Thursday, March 4, 2010

Because we (still) can

The Danish newspaper, Politiken, in response to a jihadist shakedown apologizes to Muslims for their reprint of the Prophet Mohammed pictured here in all his bomb-throwing glory.

And then there is this from Mark Steyn:

During my difficulties with the Canadian Islamic Congress , some leftie commentator would occasionally wonder how it came about that some right-wing loudmouth like Steyn got to appoint himself the champion of free speech. Well, that's because, as Politiken's weaselly "settlement" makes plain, when it comes to upholding bedrock principles of liberty before their avowed enemies, the nancy boys of the Left fold like a cheap Bedouin tent. The Islamo-leftist "alliance" is a pantomime horse in which the Left plays the rear end and Islam sets the direction and pace.

Seriously. You know you’re in trouble when it’s a bunch of goose-stepping, fascist righties that are the most consistent defenders of free speech.

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