Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mirror, mirror...

Folks, Obama and his policies ain't the problem. They are merely symptoms of some inconvenient truths we as a nation are completely unwilling to own up to.

However, in a free society, we have no right to the fruits of the labor of others; it is not our right to live by the sweat of another's brow. Doctors are not obligated to save our lives without just compensation, nor is the general population obligated to pay for that which we should be responsible ourselves. Ultimately, this is the moral code that we all instinctively live by, that we should be responsible for our own welfare and that of our families. We are angry because we are being punished for our integrity and figuratively spat upon and told that we are selfish and racist. We know that both our taxes and our insurance premiums will rise, we don't like it, because we have done nothing to deserve this and have made clear our desires. That many are angry is understandable. I do not condone threats or actual violence, but merely point out that the anger behind it is understandable.

Funny thing about democracies is that we generally get from our government what we deserve, or more accurately, desire. That we are a fundamentally less-free nation than we were just two weeks ago ought to be cause for some soul searching.

B-Daddy explains it all here, knocking the bottom out of it in the process.

P.S. Looking on the bright side of things: now that we will be paying for everyone else's healthcare and thus the consequences of piss-poor lifestyle choices, KT is going to be even more of an insufferable moral scold than ever before. Good times.


B-Daddy said...

Dean, thanks for the link. Appreciate all you do.

K T Cat said...

Honestly, the whole charade is getting a bit tiresome. I'm finding that as I construct mental models for what I observe, I lose interest in the scolding part and want to move on to something else.

Unless there's another outburst from Kate Mulvey. Then I'm all in.