Monday, March 29, 2010

By the time we got to Searchlight....

... we were dozens and dozens strong?

CNN beclowns themselves with crowd estimates at the Tea Party event in Searchlight, NV, Harry Reid's hometown, this weekend.

The Tea Party event was held on private property so the big question is: who is the Tea Party's Max Yazgur? Probably better left in anonymity, though.

Roger Hedgecock who spoke at the event has his write-up, here.


Ohioan@Heart said...

For what it is worth, I took that picture of the crowd and looked carefully at it. There is a region near the bottom right where you can tell that there are three people (can see the individual shadows) that fill a 12 pixel by 12 pixel square. The image is 500 X 332. if the box I chose was representative (it is obviously too dense compared to the cars for example, but way more sparse than most of the crowd, so it might be close), that works out to a bit over 3400, not counting all the folks off the edges.

So... Dozens? Yeah, about 2 gross of dozens. At minimum.

Dean said...

O@H, thanks for your sleuthing.

I believe that photo has been cropped. Other estimates I heard put it at 30,000. Whatever. It was a great turnout for a cold, windy day out in the middle of nowhere.