Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Operational Pause

We've noticed a significant uptick in readership at this site over the past couple of weeks. We've been pounding on healthcare reform relentlessly and as that has been front and center in the blogosphere, if not necessarily main stream news, the on-topic consistency has probably helped this bump. More significantly, however, is the links we've been getting from Sarah B. (via FaceBook) and Leslie at Temple of Mut and we'd like to thank those two ladies in a public fashion for their support.

And to those readers who have been recently linked up to BwD, we'd like to say thanks for stopping by and checking out our humble site. We'd apologize for being so heavy on health care coverage but we think you would agree that in both theoretical and practical senses (as we discover more and more what's actually in the bill as Ms. Pelosi indicated) just how critical to our freedoms and liberties this law is.

So we hope you enjoy the site and will make it a regular stop in your web surfing in the future.

And a special shout-out to our Jewish readers who will begin celebrating Passover today which, in part, represents the Jewish people's flight from their oppressors in Egypt to the promised land.


SarahB said...

Thank you for injecting much needed wit and humor into the too often blistering exercise of following current events. BwD is part of what makes San Diego a powerhouse of activism. Keep it up!

Dean said...

Sarah, you are too kind. I am humbled. Please keep up the good work, yourself.

K T Cat said...

Congratulations on the traffic! How big was the jump?