Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Honduras: not going away any time soon

The situation in Honduras, or more precisely our country's meddling in Honduran political/constitutional matters, is becoming the Freddie Kruger of Latin American foreign policy: you just can't kill it.

With the election of a new president, a peaceful transfer of power and deposed Hugo Chavez puppet and former President, Mel Zelaya safely in exile it looked like this all was going to have a happy ending. If by happy ending one means the United States, in this case truly acting like an imperialist bully, pitching a temper tantrum by way of not restoring revoked visas and aid to Honduras and agitating for the return of Zelaya to Honduras without facing any legal repercussions, then, yes, it has had a happy ending.

Mary Anastasia O'Grady who has been doing yeoman's work in covering this for the Wall St. Journal is interviewed in clip below.


We will give the Obama administration and the State Department credit for consistency, though. The pattern of giving the hand to our friends (Great Britain and Israel) and getting rolled by our adversaries (Russia and Iran) had a decidedly Euro/Mid East slant to it. We can now claim without threat of contradiction that we are extending this ass-backwards policy to the Western Hemisphere.

It remains unfathomable to us that our country not only has turned its back on a struggling ally attempting to get into the 21st century democracies in good standing club but has worked openly to subvert that effort.

Hondurans are possibly wondering: that we would be subjected to mere snubs.

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