Thursday, March 11, 2010

ObamaCare and fiscal responsibility: hand in glove

Don’t you just hate it when that happens. Full disclosure: Durbin, a Democrat, is in favor of Obamacare.

In related news today:

The government racked up a record-high monthly budget deficit of $220.9 billion in February, the Treasury Department announced today.

The latest flood of red ink brings the total deficit for the first five months of the current fiscal year to $651 billion, far exceeding the $589 billion shortfall for the same timeframe in the last fiscal year.

The government ended the 2009 fiscal year with a record $1.4 trillion shortfall. The Obama administration has forecast a $1.56 trillion deficit for this year.

To put this in perspective, the ObamaCare bill that simply must be passed so that we can finally know all that is in it will, taking the administration at its word, save us $132 billion over the next 10 years. At the current rate of spending, we will have blown through all that fiscal responsibility represented by ObamaCare in just 17 days.

17 days.

Hey, remember this guy?

H/T: Hot Air

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