Sunday, September 30, 2007

Boy... Did Things Get Out of Hand Yesterday or What?

(Upon waking up Sunday morning and surveying the wreckage in his dorm room, College Football America decides on a plan to rid his skull of his raging hang-over and doing a double take at his acquired company from the previous evening decides whether or not to start gnawing off his arm. Yes, it was that ugly)

Guest author, The Substitute had a saying related to the relative success of the University of Texas football program: “Doing less with more than any other program in America.” It had become a favorite of ours that we felt might have to be shelved because of Texas’ win over USC in that epic Rose Bowl 2 years ago and its subsequent winning of the BCS title.

Well, it appears that we may be able to dust it off as perhaps head coach Mack Brown’s climb to the top of the mountain was due more to the singular excellence at QB of one Vince Young than any break-through of the Longhorn program or by Brown as a coach. Kanas St.’s trashing of Texas, 41-21, has signaled perhaps that Brown and the Longhorns are back to their Red River shootout-losing and underachieving ways as this was the 2nd straight loss to a clearly inferior Wildcat program. O joy.

Not a good day for top-25 teams yesterday. It was like the opening scene from Saving Private Ryan where the troops were disembarking from the LCUs only to get mowed down by Nazi machine gun fire… but replacing G.I.’s with top-25 teams. The carnage started early and just continued through the day.

It would almost be easier to talk about who didn’t lose rather than who did as 4 of the top 7, 7 of the top 13 and a total of 9 top-25 teams wound up on the wrong end of the scoreboard yesterday.

And perhaps most disappointing of all, with Texas, Oklahoma and Florida all losing, it puts a damper on what would’ve been two great conference match-ups next Saturday (Florida plays undefeated LSU in Baton Rouge and Texas plays Oklahoma at the State Fair in Dallas).

As for the victors Saturday, the AP voters were unimpressed with USC’s sloppy win over Washington and placed LSU No. 1 over USC (#2). In fact, they were in a very rewarding mood for those teams that have remained undefeated, vaulting Cal, Ohio St., Wisconsin, South Florida, Boston College and Kentucky all over 1-loss Florida and Oklahoma.

Its early and things will probably sort themselves out as the season progresses but there is no way in hell that any of those aforementioned teams, outside of Cal and Ohio State, are better than a one-loss Florida team. These polls remain a bad joke and unfortunately, there is no real move afoot to reform the process.

"Maybe if I'm real quiet I can just slip my arm.... oh hey, yeah, hi.... hi.... how are you doing?"


B-Daddy said...

With all those losses in the Top 10 by teams not named USC and LSU (by the way Cal squeaked by), are your ready to re-think your pre-season picking the field against those two?

Click here
to refresh your memory.

Dean said...

B-Daddy, Its a long season, bro. SC still has trips to Oregon and Cal themselves and I'm clinging to hope that Coach Meyer has something up his sleave for the Bayou Bengals next week. In fact, I'll say it right here... the Gators will win. This is how legends are made and this is how coaches become "evil".